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A Long Overdue MAC Splurge

10 March, 2015


I used to shop at MAC fairly regularly. Way back when I was still taking the GO Train into work, I would go right by a MAC store in Royal Bank Plaza. Invariably, as every new collection came out, I owned it the day it came out, before I even got to the office. Then I moved and despite living right next to Fairview Mall, my trips to MAC pretty much became non-existent, other than the occasional pop-in with Julie, but even those are a thing of the past!  Well this past weekend, I made it a point to make a trip to a MAC counter to pick up a few things that I’ve either had on my wishlist for a while, or needed replacing (yes Zoe, I do run out of things, lol).  I even dragged my mother along just for shits and giggles.   Continue Reading


NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation | Spring 2015

2 February, 2015

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Stylized Gradient Image - jpeg


All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation creates instant polished perfection with full coverage in a single, weightless drop.  Its uniquely fluid, oil-free formula defies the expectations of long-wear foundation, delivering full, natural-looking coverage with unexpectedly weightless, 16-hour wear.  Ideal for all skin types and tones in 20 global shades that leave skin at its most beautiful.

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Beauty Giveaways

Giveaway | Dr Roebuck’s Bubs and Bits

2 February, 2015


Ah Monday, you are a cruel, cruel mistress.  As you may or may not be able to tell, this morning has been an epic failure for me.  But while this morning was scraping the bottom of the barrel of sucktitude for me, it doesn’t have to be that way for you.  Why you ask?  Well, simply because you can start off your morning by entering my giveaway for a chance to win your very own pot of Dr Roebuck’s Bubs & Bits.  Your welcome!

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NARS Eye Opening Act Collection| Limited Edition

10 January, 2015

NARS Eye Opening Act Model ImageNARS Eye Opening Act Collection

For January 2015, NARS Cosmetics introduces a limited-edition collection that delivers captivating range and dimension for eyes.  The new Matte Velvet Shadow stick intensifies, while warm and cool eyeshadow palettes excite new depth for endless eye looks.  The illuminating Multiple brings light to shadow for eyes, lips and cheeks.  The multi-purpose glow stick heightens the scene at every twist with a new light-reflecting formula of sheer brilliance.

The new Velvet Shadow Stick draws unscripted drama with potent matte pigments that define, intensify and shade eyelids in five long-wearing shades.  This velvety matte formula applies easily and smoothly for crease-proof wear and his house in a sleek propel/repel component in 5 staple shades.   Continue Reading


Unboxing | Glossybox December 2014!

3 January, 2015


To be fair, the December 2014 Glossybox is not the first time I have used the Glossybox subscription service.  A few years ago when they launched, they used to have a service here in Canada and I was a member.  They ended up shutting that service within the year and I lost out.  I lost out because Glossybox was one of the way better subscription services out there.  So yeah, I was pretty happy when I found out that they would be starting up service back here in Canada once again and I very quickly signed up.   Continue Reading


NARSvember: My NARS #HolyGrail Products!

7 November, 2014


Thanks for joining me once again here during NARSvember!  Today I am talking about my All Time Holy Grail Products from NARS.  There are honestly quite a few, but for the purposes of this post, I decided to narrow it down to five.  That’s right, five.  Out of all of the amazing products that NARS offers, I managed to whittle my very long and insane list down to just five.  Believe me, it wasn’t easy!  The struggle is real my friends, the struggle is real!  So let me break down my NARS #HG products my friends.   Continue Reading