Simon & Tom™ Moroccan Treatment*

6 February, 2015

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Now one thing people may or may not know about me is that I don’t take my hair care regimen too seriously.  I mean, once upon a time, I treated it like it was a battle that required strategic planning.  This was back before that time I cut off all my hair that one time.  Ever since then, while I still care and take pride in my hair, I no longer treat my hair care routine as a life and death matter.  Gone are the days for long and complicated hair styling, in favour of quick, easy and natural.  Now that I wear my hair curly as opposed to straight, my main concern is to make sure that my curls are mositurized and defined without being greasy and that is where Simon & Tom™ Moroccan Treatment comes in.

Now I’ve tried the original Moroccan Oil Treatment before back when it first became popular and I can say that I didn’t find that much benefit to it.  Not for the price it was retailing at, nor the amount that was being offered.  Ever since my initial bottle, I never purchased another one.  Well, when I was offered the chance to try the Simon & Tom™ Moroccan Treatment I decided to give it another go.  Maybe it’s down to the difference in having natural vs. relaxed hair, but the Simon & Tom™ Moroccan Treatment has made a huge impact on my hair, and completely in a good way.

One thing I have struggled with since cutting my hair off a few years ago and going natural, is how to effectively keep my hair mosituriezed and glossy without looking like I have a jerri curl.  The Simon & Tom™ Moroccan Treatment does just that.  With just a quarter sized amount used on my hair after washing and conditioning, I am able to get silky and defined curls without the grease factor.

Retailing for $39.90 CAD, Simon & Tom™ Moroccan Treatment can be purchased online through Amazon!

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  • A Certain Romance

    I love the pump bottle! Does it smell as good as the Morocanoil one? I’m not going to lie, I mostly buy it for the delicious, delicious smell!

    • Nicole About Town

      I like the pump as well. I can’t remember the exact smell of the Moroccan Oil one, but this one does smell good.