NORDSTROM Half-Yearly Sale

21 May, 2014

nordstrom half yearly sale

It is that time of year once again where we are able to Shop the Half-yearly Sale for women & kids at NORDSTROM.  Personally, I love this sale.  I wait for this sale.  I’m not even kidding.  Now it’s not everything at NORDSTROM that is on sale during the Half-Yearly Sale for Women & Kids.  No, it’s select products, but even with the limited selection, there is a still a great deal that you can get your hands on.  On most of the sale items, you can get up to 40% off!  That is not a bad deal in my eyes.

Oh, and I love that NORDSTROM ships to Canada and prices things in Canadian Dollars!  Not only that, even though they ship through either Canada Post (5-18 business days) or DHL (4-9 business days) you pay the taxes and duties right there during the checkout.  This prevents any potential surprises when the delivery guy shows up with your goods.

Michael Kors ‘Large Cynthia’ Saffiano Leather Satchel

I have had my eye on this one for a while.  It normally retails for $408.50 CAD, but during the half-yearly sale it is 33% off and can be purchased for $273.69!  This particular bag comes in three colours: black, blue and brown.  I personally am partial to the brown, but would also consider one in blue!

Saint Laurent 56mm Oversized Sunglasses

How badass are these sunglasses!   I love them, and I need to have them in my life, lol!  They normally retail for $450.71 CAD, but during the half-yearly sale, they are $193.86.  That is a savings of 55%! SCORE!  They come in either Black or Dark Havana and I am going with Dark Havana!

Under One Sky Zip Front Satchel (Juniors)

You know me and my handbags.  The bigger, the better!  I don’t own a white/off white one, and this one is perfect for me.  It’s large, has a shoulder strap and comes in three colours: Black, Blue and Ivory.  Myself, I am going with Ivory.  This is bag normally retails for $50.21 CAD, but during the half-yearly sale it sells for $32.98 which is a savings of 33%!

TOMS ‘Classic – Jonathan Adler’ Slip-On (Women) Grey 

And last but not least, I am picking up a pair of the Jonathan Adler TOMS!  I love TOMS.  They are so flipping comfortable, and I own several pairs in a variety of colours.  I’ve been wanting a pair of the Jonathan Adler print versions for a while now, so the half-yearly sale is a perfect time to pick up a pair.  Normally retailing for $67.41 CAD, during the sale, you can pick them up for $57.30.  That is a savings of 15%.

What about you?  Will you be picking up anything during the the Half-yearly Sale for women & kids at NORDSTROM?

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  • Natalie Heather

    Oh my gosh, you stylish gal. You’re going to make me spend all my money, aren’t you?

    • Nicole


      I can’t help myself and I am such an enabler!