New Mani Monday #1 – Essie Lots of Lux

13 January, 2014

So here is a confession.  I have horrible, horrible nails.  I wish I could say that it was solely genetics, but it’s not.  While genetics plays a large roll in my issues, a bigger role is the fact that I don’t take care of them…at all.

On top of them being a weird shape, and paper thin (thanks dad), I bite them, never file them or do manicures, don’t take care of my cuticles and regularly stick my hands in water without gloves.  All in all, it a recipe for disaster.

Enter one of my 2014 New Years Resolutions and I have resolved to take better care of them.  Part of that is to give myself a proper manicure every week.  Will I stick to it?  Who knows, but I’m hoping that having a feature on the blog where I have to show said manicure every week will keep me on track.  Fingers crossed that this works. *side note* I didn’t start last week like I planned because I was sick as a dog and never got around to taking a photo of my nails.

So for my first New Mani Monday feature, I chose to showcase the manicure I am wearing for my first full week back at work after the two week holiday period.  This week it is all about Lots of Luxe from the Essie Encrusted Treasures Collection.

essie - lots of lux

I must say that when the Encrusted Treasures Collection first came out in late 2013, I decided to pass.  I am not a huge fan of textured nail polish.  Well for the holidays Loose Button and Essie Canada were offering a 12 days of Essie advent calendar and Lots of Luxe was one of the colours included.  Like I always do when I get a new nail polish, I proceeded to swatch the polish on one of my swatch sticks.  Imagine my surprise with just how much I loved the colour and the texture.

Lots of Luxe is described as: shimmering lapis lazuli with a superfine matte finish.

essie - lots of lux 3

When you are first putting the polish on, it has a lot of sparkle.  My first thought was that while it was so pretty, there was no way it was going to dry with that same sparkle.  Yeah, I was wrong about that.  It does dry with such a great sparkle still visible in the texture.  The texture itself is not rough abrasive if you run your nails across your skin, and the texture gives your nails an edgy look without being too outrageous to wear to the office.  It’s also the perfect polish for me as this week I will be doing lots of cleaning and manual labour with my hands so I won’t have to worry about my glossy top coat losing it’s luster sometime during the week.

Items used in this manicure:

essie - lots of lux 2

Quite honestly, I am loving this colour and texture so much that I can see myself wearing this one pretty often.

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  • Sarah

    That is a super pretty colour and finish. I don’t have any textured polishes.