Demeter Holiday 2014 Collection – Fireplace!* | Review

8 December, 2014

Demeter Fire Place Fragrance

Today I am taking a look at undeniably my favourite scent out of Demeter’s Holiday 2014 Collector’s Edition.  Today I am taking a look at Fireplace!  

Now when I was growing up, I moved around a lot.  Like we moved every three years.  Quite a few of the houses I have lived in over the years have had a fireplace in them.  And I’m not talking about those pretty but useless gas fireplaces that come in most new homes.  No I’m talking about the genuine real deal article that requires you to open the flu in your chimney before you can light the bad boy.  One of my favourite things about having a fireplace and lighting it up on cold winter nights wasn’t actually the heat it gives off.  No, it was the smell.

There was and still is something about the scent of a couple of logs of wood burning in your fireplace that to me, was just so comforting.  I can’t even really describe it or even why, but it is.  To this day, it is one of my favourite scents so it is probably no surprise that I love Demeter’s Fireplace so much.  They somehow managed to not only get the scent of a fireplace, but they actually captured the smokiness and added that to the scent.  Spraying Fireplace really does make you think that you’ve just been sitting around a burning fireplace with your loved ones telling stories.  It really does take me back.

Interestingly enough, when I sprayed the scents for my co-workers, this was also their favourite scent in the trio.  I guess everyone loves the scent of a good, cozy fireplace!

Fireplace is available as part of the Holiday 2014 Collector’s Edition Trio, but it is also available individually in a variety of sizes.  Pictured above is the 1.0 oz spray and it retails for $20 US and can be purchased online.


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