The Deep by Nick Cutter | Review

6 January, 2015

My Thoughts

Books that fall in the Horror genre are not usually not found on in my tbr pile.  It’s not that I don’t like them, they just tend to not be my cup of tea.  A couple of years ago, The Troop by Nick Cutter caught my eye and made it’s way into my tbr pile where I promptly forgot about it.  So it should come as no surprised that Nick Cutter’s new book The Deep also caught my eye.  What should surprise you is that it didn’t get lost in the shuffle.  Nope, I sat down and read The Deep over a three day period in December 2014 and I loved every terrifying second of it.

Anyone who is looking for The Deep to be about the strange plague called the ’Gets is decimating humanity on a global scale might be  a bit disappointed.  The Deep does reference the ‘Gets and when it does, it is pretty terrifying, but rather The Deep is about the search for the cure which is taking place deep below the ocean surface in Mariana’s Trench.  Trust me after looking up some of the effects being so deep in the ocean can have on a human mind, I would rather have the ‘Gets.

I think part of what makes The Deep so good, is that it is so descriptive.  It’s descriptive enough that you imagine yourself in place of our main character Luke.  As you flip each page, what Luke is experiencing is what you are experiencing.  The descriptive prose brings the story to such life that you find yourself jumping in terror as things happen, just like they were happening to you instead of in the book.

 Mr Bean - Scared

 Yeah, that pretty much sums up me all the way through The Deep!  I’m not going to lie.  I was so freaked out that the only time I could read it was in the light of day, on the subway on my way to work.  And even then, then I was still freaking terrified.

If you like books that are not only intriguing and terrifying, then The Deep by Nick Cutter should be right up your alley.


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