Coach Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall

7 December, 2012

Coach Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall

So a couple of weeks ago, my purse broke.  The horror!  Needless to say, this meant I needed to get a new one to replace it.  I have long been thinking about getting a new bag and I’ve had my eye on the Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall from Coach for a while now.  Really, my bag breaking was just the perfect opportunity I needed to finally send me out to update my bag collection.  The only question ended up being which colour I would get.

As you can see from the picture above, I settled on the two tone version in a Navy Blue/Black colour combination.  I wanted something that was going to be great for my winter wardrobe and be a great everyday bag.  I didn’t want anything as mundane as solid black, but overall, I wanted something classy and functional.  I have to say, I got all that and more with my Coach Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall (wow, that’s a mouthful).

The bag really is perfect and fits all the criteria I was looking for.  It’s not too big, which  for me works out great.  The bigger my bag, the more crap I tend to throw in it; and of course I don’t ever need half of what I end up carrying around.  The colour is great and perfect for winter.  It’s dark, and pretty much goes with anything, but at the same time it’s not solid black.  The colour scheme is classy and elegant and perfectly suits this whole adult thing I’m supposed to be doing (I’ll be 32 in February).  The silhouette is timeless.  This is not a fad handbag and the style of it demonstrates that to a perfect T.  It’s not called a Legacy bag for nothing!  The fact that it doesn’t have an over the shoulder strap means that that the leather is not a soft leather and will retain it’s shape much better.  This is a very structured bag and this is exactly what I was looking for.

Retailing at $458.00 CAD ($517.00 with tax), it might not be in everyone’s price range, but it’s a welcome addition to my closet.

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