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Coach Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall

7 December, 2012

Coach Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall

So a couple of weeks ago, my purse broke.  The horror!  Needless to say, this meant I needed to get a new one to replace it.  I have long been thinking about getting a new bag and I’ve had my eye on the Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall from Coach for a while now.  Really, my bag breaking was just the perfect opportunity I needed to finally send me out to update my bag collection.  The only question ended up being which colour I would get.

As you can see from the picture above, I settled on the two tone version in a Navy Blue/Black colour combination.  I wanted something that was going to be great for my winter wardrobe and be a great everyday bag.  I didn’t want anything as mundane as solid black, but overall, I wanted something classy and functional.  I have to say, I got all that and more with my Coach Legacy Colour Block Leather Candace Medium Carryall (wow, that’s a mouthful).

The bag really is perfect and fits all the criteria I was looking for.  It’s not too big, which  for me works out great.  The bigger my bag, the more crap I tend to throw in it; and of course I don’t ever need half of what I end up carrying around.  The colour is great and perfect for winter.  It’s dark, and pretty much goes with anything, but at the same time it’s not solid black.  The colour scheme is classy and elegant and perfectly suits this whole adult thing I’m supposed to be doing (I’ll be 32 in February).  The silhouette is timeless.  This is not a fad handbag and the style of it demonstrates that to a perfect T.  It’s not called a Legacy bag for nothing!  The fact that it doesn’t have an over the shoulder strap means that that the leather is not a soft leather and will retain it’s shape much better.  This is a very structured bag and this is exactly what I was looking for.

Retailing at $458.00 CAD ($517.00 with tax), it might not be in everyone’s price range, but it’s a welcome addition to my closet.


Live Taping: The Rick Mercer Report

11 October, 2012

So this past Friday, my sister Deborah and I decided to get together for an evening on the town.  There was a bit of a dilemma  when trying to decide what to do on our evening out.  My sister loves going to clubs and I don’t.  I absolutely loathe clubbing and always have.  We didn’t want to do the dinner and a movie, because we do that several times a month.  We eventually decided that we were going to go and see some kind of show, but we had to narrow it down and decide which show we were going to see.  Unfortunately, none of the traditional shows that were playing interested me at all.  It was time for something new.

Enter the Rick Mercer Report!

Ticket for the show!

I have to confess that I love Rick Mercer.  I mean really, what Canadian doesn’t?  His commentary is on point, his rants are legendary, and combine this with the fact that he is laugh out loud funny and equals GTFT (good times, fun times).  So imagine my happiness and surprise when I managed to score a pair of tickets for my sister and I to attend a live taping of his show.

We started off the evening by grabbing a bite to eat at Cheese Werks and having their to-die-for Mac ‘n’ Cheese.  Seriously, if you haven’t had the chance to eat here, you need to do it asap.  Some of the best food you can find here in Toronto.

Dinner at Cheese Werks!

Once finished at the restaurant, we hoped on the streetcar to make the very short journey to the home of the CBC at 25 John Street.  Now it has been many years since I have been to the CBC building, but walking through it is like a trip down memory lane.  The pictures and exhibits located on the ground floor and throughout the building bring back fond memories growing up watching the iconic and original programming.

Even though we already had pre-booked tickets, we still had to line up to pick them up.  While you are told that the tickets can be picked up from 6:45, it’s a good thing to get there a bit early as that line gets really, really long.  We got there a minutes after 6 and were 10th in line.  By the time it was time to go in, the line had curved all the way back through the atrium and back to the security desk.  We were then taken up to the 10th floor and let into the studio, which was much larger and much colder than expected.  While waiting for everyone to be seated, we were allowed to take pictures of the set while rock music played throughout the studio.

I have to say, Rick Mercer is a class act.  Even though the whole taping doesn’t take that long (it’s only a half an hour show), he is right on the ball from the minute he steps on set.  He keeps the audience entertained, in between filming intros and the audience watching pre-taped segments.

This week Rick went Zorbing with the host of CBC’s Over the Rainbow, Daryn Jones, and on a tour of the Biodome in Montreal, QC.  Ooh, and Daryn Jones actually popped into the studio to say hi after his segment finished airing.  Rick’s Rant was once again crucial and the little spoof commercials he did were hysterical in their irony.  All in all, it was a good time out.  Huge bonus is that the tickets were free!

I would encourage anyone who is looking for an alternative evening out to to hit up a taping of The Rick Mercer Report.  It’s a great, free alternative to heading out to see a show.

The Rick Mercer Report airs on Tuesdays on CBC at 8:00 pm, 8:30 in NL.

For more information on obtaining tickets, please go to Rick