Canadian Beauty Bloggers Meet-Up: Toronto!

22 May, 2014


So by now some of you may know that I am a member of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  This is a group of 17 likeminded beauty bloggers from all across Canada who have come together to support one another in our efforts to spread the word about the wonderful world of everything beauty related.

Back when the group first started in March, I had no idea of the amazing support and network of Canadian Beauty Bloggers that spread across this great country of ours.  From all the support online, the great conversations on twitter we have all been exposed to a wonderful network of Canadian Beauty Bloggers.

It is with all that great support and interaction in mind that I am happy to announce that we will be hosting our first Canadian Beauty Blogger Meet-Up here in Toronto on Wednesday June 4, 2014!  *Throws Confetti*  How fun!  Join us for an evening of beauty shopping, dinner and fun with your fellow Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  Tickets for the event are free and dinner will be held later at Jack Astors at Yonge & Bloor!

And while you’re at it why not bring some of the products that you can’t use!  The meet-up will be a great opportunity to swap products with your fellow Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  Be sure to sign up to attend the meet-up as space is limited.  You can sign up below!

Not in Toronto?  Have no fear, we will be hosting a meet-up in Montreal in August and one in Vancouver in October!  Keep your eyes open for the details coming this summer!

Until next time,


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  • Megan Joy

    Waaaaaah I wish I could come. I will be there in spirit ladies!

    • Nicole

      We know you will be there with us in spirit. But I still demand that you move back right now Megan!

  • Julie (Swatch & Review)

    Can’t wait!!!! Thank you for organizing.

    • Nicole

      I can’t wait either! Meet-ups are always such fun and you are quite welcome!

  • Carrie

    I’m technically not a CBB, but “instablog” and interact with some of the bloggers. I’m interested in attending, but for some reason I can’t register a ticket on my iPad or iPhone. Any way to reserve one for me?

    • Nicole

      It should be working for you on your iPad as I can see and reserve one on mine. If you are having problems, you will need to get to a computer to register as I am unable to reserve tickets!

  • Janella Panchamsingh

    Hey Nicole i tried to sign up and there is a wait list. Let me know if it’s too late. You can email me or leave a blog post comment which ever is clever for ya!

    • Nicole

      Hey Janella! If a space becomes available, you will be notified by email so keep an eye out 😉

  • Steph

    So wish I was in Toronto!

    • Nicole

      Me too! But have no fear, the way I travel I just may be able to work out something for Atlantic Canada!

      • Steph

        That would be so awesome!

  • Jen

    I just registered yesterday! Thanks so much for organizing this. So looking forward to meeting everyone! xo

    • Nicole

      Yay Jen! So glad you were able to get a spot.

  • Beyond Blush

    Have fun ladies!! Can’t wait to hear all about it :)

  • Maggie

    A space opened up on the wait list a few days ago, but unfortunately I can’t make it anymore. :(

    Hopefully will be able to catch the next one.

    Hope everyone has fun tonight! =)