So, Anyway…by John Cleese | Review

7 December, 2014

My Thoughts

Raise your hands if you have never heard of John Cleese!  Chances are, even if you don’t recognize the name, you do know who he is or have seen his work in one way or another.   He is an English actor, comedian, writer and film producer who is probably most famous for co-founding the Monty Python comedy troupe in the 1960’s. And even then in the rare, and I do mean rare, off chance that you still don’t recognize the name John Cleese, or haven’t seen some of his work; you still have about an 80% of having seen the work of someone else that was insipired by John Cleese and his body of work in so way, shape or form.

So, Anyway… is not really your typical comedy autobiography.  It’s not about dishing all the dirt on people John Cleese has interacted with over the years.  Rather, it gives us a tour into the mind of a comedic genius where we get to find out not only what makes him tick but he tells us what he finds funny and why.  He does tell stories about past performances, but instead of doing a re-call play-by-play of the performance, what he does is tell you about his nervousness before important performances and how things sometimes went wrong.

Probably equally as famous for his difficult temperament as he is for his talent, John Cleese comes across in So, Anyway… as both highly intelligent and self-deprecating.  I can’t say that So, Anyway…was exactly what I was expecting in terms of an autobiography, but what can you really expect from the master of the unexpected?  If you are looking for  a great read about comedy and one of the comedic greats of our time, then So, Anyway… by John Cleese is the book for you.

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