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9 March, 2015


IMG_3605Every now and then, as a blogger I have the opportunity to attend some pretty awesome events.  This past Saturday was one of those events when I was able to attend the MAKE UP FOR EVER Spring 2015 Preview here in Toronto.  I’m not kidding guys, I pretty much came out of hibernation to attend this event, and what an event it was.  The event was held at the Deanery at St. James Cathedral and it was a stunning, light and airy venue with floor to ceiling windows that let in a lot of natural light and let us bloggers really explore the products that MAKE UP FOR EVER was showcasing.

Up first was the new series of makeup primers called Step 1!  This range consists of 10, count ’em 10, different primers that cover a wide range of skincare concerns.  There are primers to deal with texture, hydration and those to add some much needed radiance to your skin.  Quite honestly, it was absolutely remarkable to get to see and play with them all.  I know you may be thinking that using more than one primer is too much time and effort, but the reality is that all of us tend to have more than just one skin concern and to address those concerns, we need different things.  Now while I have tried a lot of primers in my time, I can honestly say that I have never tried any from MAKE UP FOR EVER.  We got the chance to learn about all 10 primers in the range, and then we had the ability to discuss our concerns individually and based on that consultation, we were given two of the Step 1 Primers in our goody bags to test out.  Since I have combination skin with some serious dry patches and peeling in the winter, I was given #3, which is a Hydrating Primer and #10 which is a Radiant Primer in Caramel.  I can’t wait to start using these to see what kind of difference they make on my skin.

Then we moved over to take a look at the new Pro Sculpting Duos.  I must say, that I have been eyeing these beauties since they first popped up on the Sephora website.  As stunning as they look online, they are more so in person.  Contouring and highlighting are becoming an integral part of a lot of beauty routines.  While I don’t personally do a lot of contouring to my own face on a daily basis, I do do it when I’m dressing up for my nights out and I need to be serving some serious face.  The MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Sculpting Duos really combine two steps in one by having both the contouring aspect as well as the highlighting aspect in one handy little palette.  They come in two shades, one for those with fairer skin tones and one for those with darker skin tones.  I myself, got the Golden one for medium to darker skin tones.  But I can see myself picking up the Pink Beige one as well to have in my kit now that Wedding Season is almost upon us once again.

We also got to take a look at the new Smoky Stretch Mascara and two new shades of the Rouge Intense Lipstick.  I already had a huge lashing of mascara on my eyelashes at the event, so I didn’t test it out while I was there.  I did take the time to play with the new shades of the Rouge Intense Lipstick, and they are perfect for Spring.  #53 and #54 were remarkably close to one another in terms of shades, but one was cool-toned and one is warm-toned.  The formula itself is just to die for and made me want to run to Sephora and pick up all the Rouge Intense Lipstick shades they have on offer.

All in all, it was a super fun and informative event that MAKE UP FOR EVER put on.  I already love their products, but the products they are bringing out for Spring 2015 just might be game changers.  Stay tuned because in a few weeks time, when I’ve had the opportunity to test everything out, I will be reviewing all the products found in my goody bag!

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  • Jennifer Monforton

    Looks like a great event! Always so exciting to get a sneak peek, especially with brands as fab as MUFE. Really tempted by those powder duos! xo

    • Nicole About Town

      It was such a nice event. I was surprised that I didn’t see you there.

      The Pro Sculpting Duo’s are amazing. If you think they look amazing online, they are doubly so in person.

      • Jennifer Monforton

        Ah, I so wish I’d been invited! I’ve since contacted the MUFE PR rep, so hope to be at future events for the brand :) Can’t wait to see the duos in-person!

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