Adventures in Blogging: Dr Roebuck’s Skincare Event!

25 September, 2014

Dr Roebuck's Skincare Line

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; I have been able to experience some amazing things and introduced to some outstanding brands and products through the wonderful world of blogging.  So on Monday I made my way over to the Thompson Hotel here in Downtown Toronto to meet with the twin co-founders, Zoe and Kim, of the Dr Roebuck’s skincare line and I had a blast.

The amazing set up below is what greeted me when I walked in and sat down to chat with Zoe and Kim.  I must say, that the setup alone really piqued my interest and had me ready for what was to come.  I wanted to touch ALL.THE.THINGS. but I restrained myself.  I had the opportunity to chat with Zoe and Kim for a bit before we began talking shop.  Let me say that both women are absolutely delightful and fabulous and if I could have stayed and chatted all day with them I would have.

Dr Roebucks Setup(Source)

Before we began talking about products we chatted about the story behind the brand.  Zoe and Kim, as children suffered from really dry skin.  Their parents, who were both practising Doctors looked searched around for a safe product that would work not only for their children, but for their patients as well.  When they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they created it.  They would actually write it out on a prescription pad and have it made up by the local Chemist (Pharmacist).

Fast forward over 30 years later and you not only have the original PURE formula created by Zoe and Kim’s parents, but they have further expanded the line to include a range of products to suit everyday needs.  How cool is that?  Did I mention that Dr. Roebuck’s is all natural?  I’m not talking about how most companies say their products are ‘all natural’, I mean really and truly natural.  PURE itself only has seven ingredients and not one of those ingredients is a filler.  Plus Dr Roebuck’s products are not only formulated for sensitive skin, but they are also formulated for reactive skin as well.

With a price range of $10 – $60 CAD, Dr Roebuck’s really is affordable natural skincare.  Currently they are only available at Murale, but beginning on October 1 you will be able to find Dr Roebuck’s products at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada in the Dermatological section.

Dr Roebucks Prescription

What did I receive in my Dr Roebuck’s Skincare ‘Prescription’ goody bag?  That, my friends is a story for another day!

More Images

Dr Roebuck's POLISHDr Roebuck’s POLISH

Dr Roebuck's TONEDr Roebuck’s TONE

Dr Roebuck's FACEDr Roebuck’s FACE

Dr Roebuck's PUREDr Roebuck’s PURE

Dr Roebuck's - Zoe and KellyDr Roebuck’s Co-Founders, Zoe and Kim

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  • Julie from Swatch and Review

    That skincare sounds amazing! I can’t wait to try it out for myself and of course await your review :)

    • Nicole About Town

      It is. It really is. I shall be dragging you out to get some shortly. Don’t you worry about that.

  • jenn @Abeautifulzen

    i love the packaging on theses. i’m such a sucker for things that look clinical.


    A Beautiful Zen

    • Nicole About Town

      I’m in love with the packaging as much as the products themselves. It is such a change from the white derm packaging we see everywhere.