2015 Travel Planning

14 October, 2014

largeOne of my absolute favourite things to do is to travel. I currently have a stupidly long list of places I want to go. Seriously, this list is pretty ridiculous and it just keeps getting longer because I keep adding places to it, but not travelling to any of them. Well that, my friends, is about to change. 

Starting in 2015, I will be doing lots and lots of travelling.  I figure I need to do with the five weeks vacation and two weeks off at Christmas that I get a year.  Sitting around my house just isn’t cutting it.  Technically, I will actually start the travelling in December 2014 when I knock Negril, Jamaica off my bucket list and I’m so stupidly excited about that.  But anyway, 2015 is going to be the year that I start making a dent in this bucket list of mine.  Some of the places on the list I have been to before, but it was when I was young and stupid.  So needless to say I spent most of the trips drunk and don’t remember very much apart from the airport and hotel.  So for that reason alone, visiting them again will be like visiting them for the first time.  Currently I have about 61 places on my travel bucket list, but as I cross things off, I can probably expect it to get longer.

Nicole’s Frequently Updating Travel Bucket List

  1. Bora Bora
  2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  3. Budapest, Hungary
  4. Isle of Man
  5. Vancouver, BC
  6. Antibes, Frances
  7. Krabi, Thailand
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark
  9. Tuscany, Italy (Pisa, Forence, and Siena)
  10. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  11. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  12. Sydney, Australia
  13. Bermuda
  14. London, England
  15. Reykjavik, Iceland
  16. Barbados
  17. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (The Salt Flats)
  18. Niagara Falls, ON
  19. Santorini, Greece
  20. Mykonos, Greece
  21. Las Vegas, NV
  22. Agra, India (The Taj Mahal)
  23. Seychelles
  24. Hong Kong
  25. Dubai, UAE
  26. Egypt
  27. Angkor, Cambodia
  28. New York City, NY
  29. Washington, D.C.
  30. Tokyo, Japan
  31. Berlin, Germany
  32. Edinburgh, Scotland
  33. The Maldives
  34. Petra, Jordan
  35. Paris, France
  36. Grand Canyon, AZ
  37. Rome, Italy
  38. Vatican City, Italy
  39. Amritsar, India
  40. Jerusalem, Israel
  41. Svalbard, Norway
  42. Los Angeles, CA
  43. Fiji Islands
  44. Madagascar
  45. Pompeii (Naples), Italy
  46. Churchill, MB
  47. Antartica (tentatively scheduled for my 40th b-day)
  48. Athens, Greece
  49. Mr. Killimanjaro, Tanzania
  50. Venice, Italy
  51. The Galapagos Islands
  52. Iguazu Falls, Brazil (Argentina or Paraguay)
  53. Bali
  54. Stockholm, Sweden
  55. Hawaii
  56. Guyana (March 2015)
  57. Belize
  58. The Florida Keys, FL
  59. Negril, Jamaica (December 2014)
  60. Istanbul, Turkey
  61. Vienna, Austria

So that is my travel bucket list as of October 2014.  Looking at it not only makes me want to add more places to the list, but it has also inspiried me to finally sit down and choose the places that I will be travelling to in 2015.  Beyond planning to go to Guyana in March 2015, the year is still wide open and I can now sit down and finally start planning.

What about you?  Do you have any travel plans for 2015?


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  • Julie from Swatch and Review

    I’ll join you for Iceland and NYC if you’re going next year :)

    • Nicole About Town

      If you don’t mind a long weekend in NYC and waiting for October to do Iceland then I am so game!

  • writingwhimsy

    what an amazing list! but where is nova scotia? i am hoping to go to iceland next summer! this winter is peru though :) I used to travel somewhere new every 2 years, now that i am older and out of debt, i try to make it every year. it is so much fun! so excited for you to go on these amazing adventures!

    • Nicole About Town

      Lol. I forgot to put that on there. Besides, I’m coming to Nova Scotia in April 2015 remember?

      You will love Iceland. It is absolutely amazing. I am going to drag Julie in 2015 to go in the fall!

      • writingwhimsy

        If I can’t make it during the warmer months perhaps I’ll show up when you guys are there. I am really good at creeping people out 😉

  • jenn @Abeautifulzen


    • Nicole About Town

      Lol. I’m looking at that for the first week in November 2015!

  • Sarah M

    This is a great list. I did some travelling as a teen and loved it. Sadly, I’m not in a position to do any now. I’ll just live vicariously through you.

  • JennH

    So excited for you – I expect some great photo blogs for your journeys! Keep us posted… xo

    • Nicole About Town

      Thanks Jenn. I’m leaving for Jamaica on Friday! So even though it’s technically still in 2014, I’m still counting it for my 2015 tally!

      • JennH

        You totally should – and I’m envious about Jamaica in Winter! Will you be there over the whole holidays? Could your family adopt me please???

        • Nicole About Town

          Lol. Sure. It’s just my mom and I headed for an all inclusive. Figured I would make the most of the time off that I have. Though I’m only going for one week. I think next year it will either be Hawaii or Costa Rica!