Unboxing: Wet n Wild Beauty

Unboxing Wet n Wild Beauty

I promised last week to show you more Unboxing of some of the fun stuff that shows up in the mail, so here is me living up to that promise.  A couple of weeks ago I got a big box of awesome from the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Brand of the Month, Wet n Wild!  The box itself was the size of a cookie tin that is usually released during the holidays.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up the cookie tin of awesome and finally saw what was inside. (more…)

2015 Travel Planning

largeOne of my absolute favourite things to do is to travel. I currently have a stupidly long list of places I want to go. Seriously, this list is pretty ridiculous and it just keeps getting longer because I keep adding places to it, but not travelling to any of them. Well that, my friends, is about to change.  (more…)

Skincare Sundays: Dr Roebuck’s TONE

Dr Roebuck's TONE

So fair warning, I have a bit of a love hate relationship with toner.  What I mean by that is that I have tried a lot of toner and while I tend to initially love what it does when it goes on and I am wiping off any remaining residue, it then tends to leave my skin feeling so tight and dry that the slightest movement will crack it.  As a result of this, my skin care shelf used to look like a toner wasteland with all the bottles of toner I’ve tried and then failed to keep using because of their drying tendencies.  I finally gave up on toner all together and hadn’t used it for more than a year before trying out Dr Roebuck’s TONE(more…)

Behind the Blog: Unboxing!

Since I started blogging back in 2011, I have been pretty fortunate.  I have been able to attend some very awesome events, meet great people, build great brand relationships, travel, and be exposed to some absolutely amazing products from all around the world.  Running a blog like mine that has been in operation since May of 2011, there is one thing I do more often than any other.  Yes, shaking my fist at my computer screen is one thing I do all the time, but in this case that is not what I’m talking about.  Today, I am talking about simply Unboxing and just how bad I am at it.

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Skincare Sundays: Dr Roebuck’s POLISH

Dr Roebuck's Skincare Prescription Package

So a couple of weeks ago I told you about attending a Dr Roebuck’s skincare event over at the Thompson Hotel.  As part of the event, I was given a ‘prescription’ package to take home with me once the event was over and I’ve used it ever since.  As a matter of fact, in the above picture, you can see just what was in my ‘prescription’ pack.  What you can’t see is just how amazing each of these products are, so as a part of my Skincare Sundays. I’m going to break down each product one by one.  Today, we start with Dr Roebuck’s POLISH(more…)

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